The Pathways Book

…thoughts on the journey

Life is our short journey across the vast landscape of time
Searching for pathways and roads to peace of mind
We will be measured finally not by how we spent the day
But by the kind of impact we made on those along the way.

Ronnie Carrington – Pathways 2000

A collection of experiences, through words and photographs, that create the template for who we are and shape who we ultimately become.

The Pathways book is available for purchase at Cloister Bookstores. Price: $45.00


  • “Your tours have made such a difference to our knowledge and enjoyment of Barbados. For such a small island there is so much to learn and see; far beyond what you can read in books. Your tours give a themed experience each time, which gives us an insight to the ‘real’ Barbados - far beyond what the casual tourist can discover. Even better, each tour is a wonderful experience and FUN - thank you. We like to think of ourselves as part of the Footprints family!”
    Lyn Dunn
  • “My wife & I went on the photographic tour with Mr. Carrington on Sat March 5 and loved every minute of it. I feel fortunate to have bought his book "Pathways". My wife & I will be enjoying our 50th anniversary April 16. After getting home and reading his book I now have a whole new outlook on our marriage & life that I never had before. I wish now that I had hade more time to talk with him. I am defiantly an amateur photographer like my dad but thanks to Ronnie I got way better pictures than I expected.”
    Charles Tabb
  • “I heard about Footprints tours from a friend and have seen photos of the adventures on Facebook... we decided to sign up and give it a try. Wow! Ronnie puts together an amazing day out, even for us locals... There is always a surprise - some hidden gem, a surprise character, a dilapidated old house, an unusual inventor living in an unassuming house, a view you’ve never seen, a story you’ve never heard. Ronnie tells a story with great humour and connects us to our people. These tours are so fun, educational and social. Highly recommended.”
    Zena Waithe
  • “The experiences that I have shared with my wife and others on many Footprints Adventures have been truly great. I consider myself to be very familiar with Barbados and things Bajan, but I am always pleasantly surprised. The tours are meticulously researched and presented spontaneously and not recited as if learnt by rote. The guide obviously knows the subject. I would recommend any tour conducted by Footprints, and have done so often, without hesitation.”
    Arthur Atkinson
  • Hello Mr. Carrington, “I took one of your tours on March 22nd from a Viking Cruise. Of the ten tours we took on this cruise, yours was by the far the best. Your advice about composition was good and I liked your work. I hope that you are enjoying life and have plenty of things to do which interest you. Good luck. Very best regards.
    John Ferguson
  • “Thank you for a wonderful day. The best excursion ever!”
    Boude Storey
  • “Last Friday, I had a most enjoyable 4 hours whilst on your Barbados Photo Adventure Tour. I would like to thank you for the very informative tour and the locations that you chose for photo shoots. You were very professional in conducting the class and in the advice and help given at each location. Thank you again”
  • I took your photo tour with my friends Jan 1, 2016. I so enjoyed your beautiful excursion. Thought it the best informative, instructive, and enjoyable tour of all the ones that I took on the cruise....and yes I shared that with the tour director at Holland America. I am enjoying with my friends the photos in your book, your beautiful thoughtful poetry, and the helpful settings on my camera that you shared. Thank you for the wonderful memories that you shared with us in your beautiful homeland.”
    Gail D. LoBell