Here is what some of our customers have said about us.
  Gail LoBello

Dear Ronnie,
I took your photo tour with my friends Jan 1, 2016. I so enjoyed your beautiful excursion.  Thought it the best informative, instructive, and enjoyable tour of all the ones that I took on the cruise....and yes I shared that with the tour director at Holland America.
I am enjoying with my friends the photos in your book,  your beautiful thoughtful poetry,  and the helpful settings on my camera that you shared.
Thank you for the wonderful memories that you shared with us in your beautiful homeland.
P.S. the stop at the little bar and meeting this beautiful lady inspired me to paint her. What a joyful soul!!
  Geoff Mortimer

Good afternoon Ronnie

My name is Geoff Mortimer and I was on a photographic tour conducted by you on 16th January from P & O Cruise ship Britannia.  I was sitting at the front and was the one who bought the 1.5 litre of Mount Gay from the Rum shop - our last call on the trip. It did not last long!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and it has inspired me to compose my photographs rather than take snapshots. I thought I would let you know how I coped with your 1,2,3,4 recipe for Rum Punch.

I bought all the right ingredients and took them all down to my daughter and family to make some of your delightful beverage. I have to say that the result was spectacular in the extreme. Both my daughter, my son-in-law and my granddaughter found the punch to be fantastic and she has shared her feelings on Facebook. 

The other thing which I got out of this trip was your book. I particularly mentioned to you how poignant was the verse on grief. As you will remember, I lost my wife some 7 years ago and this verse seemed to make all things make sense. Thank you so much. I have reproduced the photo and text and it now is framed and sits at my bedside where I can read it and help me through my bad times. Once again, many thanks for a wonderful tour. If I ever get to Barbados again, I shall certainly purchase more Mount Gay(hic) and if I get the chance of repeating your tour, I certainly will.

This e-mail is sent to the old man standing next to the beautiful young lady in the photograph you showed us on the coach. Give my regards to your mother and tell her from me she is amazing.

With kindest regards and many thanks again

Geoff Mortimer

  Charles Tabb

My wife & I went on the photographic tour with MR. Carrington on Sat March 5 and loved every minute of it. I feel fortunate to have bought his book "Pathways". My wife & I will be enjoying our 50th anniversary April 16. After getting home and reading his book I now have a whole new outlook on our marriage & life that I never had before. I wish now that I had hade more time to talk with him. I am definitely an amateur photographer like my dad but thanks to Ronnie I got way better pictures than I expected.

  Gary Himes, Phoenix, Arizona


  My spouse and I really enjoyed your tour  (history,  photo opportunities, etc)  and the interest in your island that you showed.    The Grand Princess had 9 ports of call  --  we took a land tour at each one. 
         I was especially pleased to get pictures of the Atlantic Ocean, beach, and palm trees near the beach  --  especially the new palm tree still growing out of its coconut. 
         Your photo - adventure tour was head and shoulders above all of  the other tours.    I gave Princess a very favorable rating and written comments for your tour.
         YOURS  is  ABSOLUTELY   the   BEST   TOUR  ! ! !    
  Gerald Haslam


Mr. Carrington:
My wife and I were delighted with the photography tour we took
you from the ship Caribbean Princess on December 3. We thought it was
one of the best tours we've ever taken on a Caribbean island – simply
outstanding. You delivered to us not only a fascinating series of
photographic opportunities but did so in the context of a social and
cultural history of Barbados.
So many thanks, and best wishes for continued success.
Gerald Haslam,
Vancouver, Canada
  robert and sarah heck

we are coming on princess emerald on December 3rd and hope to enjoy going on a tour with you
  Nikki D Robertson

Ronnie made me fall in love with Barbados. I have the pictures I took on his tour blown up & framed on my walls. Ronnie's tour was the highlight of my cruise.
  Tom Kallsen

Date April 30 2013 Ronnie. It was a distinct pleasure to meet you. I have never enjoyed a tour more than yours. Not only was your assistance with photography great but also the knowledge of your island that you have and shared was far better than any guided tour I have been on. You have an obvious passion for both. I give my highest recommendation for you to anyone interested not only in photography but also to those that wish to learn about the places the travel to. All the best to you and next time I return to your wonderful island I will be sure to get in touch for a repeat experience. Tom Kallsen
  Joe Cowley

Thanks to a recommendation from Eleanor Chandler, I had a very enjoyable and informative very early morning tuition from Ronnie. He is clearly a very knowledgeable and personable teacher and I enjoyed his company immensely. Thanks Ronnie!
  Don Wills


From: Don Willis <duck1934@stormnet.com>
Date: January 25, 2012 7:27:28 AM GMT+08:00
To: info@ronniecarrington.com
Subject: Princess phototour

Just a note to thank you for leading such a super tour on 1/12/12 (Emerald

Your love of photography and of Barbados was inspiring.(And you serve a
'mean' rum punch)

Don Willis
  Beryl Newnham

Name: Beryl Newnham 

Comments: An inspirational tour in Barbados which helped me to see the environment in another light, thank you. 
  Sharon Wollman


Good Day Ronnie,
I had the distinct pleasure of touring your beautiful island with you on February 24 from the Caribbean Princess. I enjoyed it immensely. It was readily apparent that you love your homeland and I thank you for sharing your history with me.
This is what I posted on my blog once I got back to the ship:
I had the most wonderful opportunity during our day here in Barbados, the chance to explore the island with renowned Bajan photographer, Ronnie Carrington. Bruce was heading out on an independent dive to see the sea turtles, so it was another early day. Craig had told us that there would be 7 other cruise ships in port with us today and I expected the port to be chaos. Traffic was snarled at first because of a royal visit by The Earl of Wessex (Princess Edward) but once around that the roads across to the eastern side of the island were clear.
Armed with my trusty Canon EOS Rebel we set off through the heart of the island towards the eastern coast. We made several stops along the way as Ronnie pointed out the fascinating local architecture, specifically the chattel houses and at each stop he would suggest settings or composition for our shots. He gave an excellent history of the island and it's culture along the way, he was interesting and funny. We passed through tiny villages and large plantations on our way to the Scotland District which is lush and ruggedly beautiful. From there we followed a coastal route along the rugged coast to Bathsheba and it's great rock formations, where we were rewarded with an authentic Bajan rum punch.
I have many wonderful photos from that day - I'm not sure it's possible to take a bad photo in Barbados. I took the enclosed photo of you at our stop at Barclay Park and thought I'd send it along.
I made sure to fill out a shore excursion questionnaire onboard, thank you again for a wonderful day.
Sharon Wollman
  Lesley & Rob Hawkins

Hi Ronnie,


Rob and I are still saying that your tour was absolutely the best we took on any island, and heck, you were actually the highlight of our entire cruise - take a bow, why don't you!  We're quite tickled to feel we saw some of the less-often visited parts of Barbados, and it was a delight to travel with someone who loves his home and work as you do.  Various aspects of the day are still popping unbidden into my head! 
We first visited your island in 1983, and your infectious enthusiasm has made us realize that we'll probably return, but hopefully before another 29 years go by! and certainly for more than a brief one-day tour.
We wish you enjoyment in putting together your new book and success with its publication, and shall enjoy keeping a little eye on your business activities via good old google!
  Steve & Jan Leone


Dear Ronnie,
It was a great pleasure to meet you and tour your beautiful island.  Jan and I thoroughly enjoyed our time on your tour.  We wanted to thank you for the photo you sent, it will be a treasured reminder of our all too brief a time on February 11, 2012 with your tour and tales of the people and places of Barbados.  Oh, and Jan's photography skills have been greatly enhanced by your recommendations.  We will keep checking your website for information about the book you plan to publish this year.  Best wishes and thank you again for one of the best shore excursions we have ever had over the course of nine cruises to the Caribbean.
Yours truly,
Steve and Jan Leone
  Leif Hendricksen


Princess Management:

I would like to let you know that My wife and I had the best shore experience ever.   We visited Barbados with Mr. Ronnie Carrington. The trip was designated as a photographic tour "bring your camera".   Well, if you had no camera and were visually handicapped, the tour would still have been a joy!   Ronnie's narrative and grasp of local culture, geology, geography and customs was astounding.   He took us to visit some of the most interesting places possible.

Princess thank you for finding and keeping Ronnie.   We will soon make a trip back to Barbados for a longer stay.

On a recommendation by us, our friends, Mr. and Mrs. James Crandall will be touring with Ronnie in February.

We will certainly cruise with Princess in the future, enjoying the ship, it's staff and hoping to find another Ronnie.

Leif Hendricksen

  Sherry Heath


I enjoyed the photo adventure tour of Barbados with your leadership on March 5.   I boarded from the Sun Princess and appreciated your personal touch to the trip.   From the handout to the information provided on the tour -everything was first class.   I told the Princess Cruise Tour desk upon my return about how well done and professional this particular tour was.   Is there another place I may be able to write so that you will be encouraged to continue such an excellent experience.   Other tours that I have taken have not been handled nearly as well.   You gave us an outline - kept to the schedule and shared the experience with us instead of just being there.

Thanks again.   Pictures are wonderful - history amazing.   I had read Mitchner's book "Caribbean" and you made it come alive again with the information you provided while we traveled.

Enjoy your island.   I certainly did.

  Michael Dierker



I just wanted to write and thank you for the absolutely wonderful tour that we took with you on 4/24/2001 (we were part of a group from the Dawn Princess).   Our cruise took us down the outer Caribbean through the canal and up the Mexican Riviera. We stopped in every port, but no other tour compared to yours. The combination of story telling with pictures, the photographic opportunities and the beauty of your island made this our favorite stop. We have also turned in a glowing review to Princess.

If you do set-up a web site, please let me know. My wife and I would like to plan another trip to the Caribbean in about 2 years - staying on Barbados for a part of the trip. You mentioned during our trip that you were considering offering a Photographic class. Please let us know if you follow-up on this, as such an opportunity would help us focus our travel plans.

Again - thank you very much for such a wonderful introduction to Barbados.

Mike Dierker

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