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The Carrington PhotoAdventure tours and photo holidays are unique experiences that draw on Ronnie Carrington’s depth of knowledge of the photographic art form, the island of Barbados, and the Caribbean region.

Ronnie has been conducting photo tours for the cruise industry for over 20 years, winning the Princess Cruise line’s Award of Excellence for 10 consecutive years. Private tours, with or without photographic instruction, may be booked, and visitors can have accommodation and activity arrangements made on their behalf, for a photo holiday.

Ronnie also leads an annual PhotoAdventure getaway to territories in the region for a small group of photographic enthusiasts.


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Guestbook Signings for PhotoAdventure Holiday
Beryl Newnham
An inspirational tour in Barbados which helped me to see the environment in another light, thank you.
Suzy Price
Curtious, respectful, professional to all of the guests on the tour no matter the skill level. Appreciated seeing the areas of Barbados, homes in the hills, sugarcane fields and hearing the history of the islands people. Thanks much and want to return to study and even teach in this area. Suzy Price, retired teacher and photographer
Dr Jacques Loeb
enjoyed the tour
Tom Kallsen
I highly recommend Ronnie. Great with photography assistance and a fountain of knowledge about Barbados. Be sure to click on "Testimonials" at bottom of we page for more.
Melinda Ventola
I loved our photography excursion while we were on our cruise. You were a great tour guide & I enjoyed the sites you took us on Nov 14th. I wanted to submit a photo that I took while at the Sea Side Bar. The timing & the look on your face said it all!
Debbie Lashley
I am one of those photographic enthusiasts. The experience is absolutely amazing: wonderful camaraderie, a patient coach and awesome photographs to show for it.
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