The Carrington Collection

The Carrington Collection is a unique body of work by Barbadian photographer Ronnie Carrington, known for his excellent photographic eye and skill at capturing images of human interest.
His black & white series records Barbados’ folk culture and landscape during the closing years of the 20th century.

The colour series reflects modern Barbados & Caribbean life and landscape. It provides a body of stock images of one of the most colourful regions of the world.

The Black & White Collection


Ronnie Carrington started his photographic journey when black & white photography was the print media’s medium of choice. The 12,000 images in his collection were acquired when he produced a weekly photo essay for the Barbados Nation Newspaper.


An avid observer of human endeavour, Ronnie created these photographs over a ten year period, traversing hill, gully and village, to find Barbadians as they pursued activities in their daily lives: at work, at play, at rest.


Upon returning to Barbados after professional training in New York Ronnie was struck by the difference in the pace and rhythm of Caribbean life in comparison with that in North America.

This realization prompted him to start a systematic recording of the elements of Barbadian life that contrasted most sharply with that in North America and the Carrington Collection was born.


Today, this collection may be considered artistic expression. Tomorrow, it will be part of our history.



Preserving the manifestations of our cultural heritage

The images of The Carrington Collection record Barbados' folk culture and landscape during the closing years of the 20th century.

They are a mirror of our yesterdays, preserving the visual manifestations of our cultural heritage and providing tomorrow's reflections.

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